German Course


!GERMAN GERMAN GERMAN! —————————————— Both German classes (Beginners and Advance) are full booked. For those who did not find a place this semester, please be in contact with me for the next semester. For the people attending this semester, some important points: 1. Please be ON TIME! It is completely unacceptable to enter the class more than 10 minutes late. The classes are not in Die Angewandte, and we should show respect to the school we are attending. We represent there our University, so we should make a good impression. 2. From Next week we will control assistance every day. Its important to assist at least 80% percent of the class. There is a lot of people that would like to attend the class and they do not have place this term. DO NOT take the place of other people without attending the class! 3. Who will not attend at least 80% percent of the classes, will not be able to attend next semester the course. 4. Who will not attend more than 3 classes in a raw, his place will be offered to someone from the waiting list. I will post the lists here during the week. If someone is missing, please contact Nicolas Gold. Thanks a lot! Good luck!

Updated info about the course you can always find here:

See you all!

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