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ÖH Zentrale

Political-participatory opening against (in)visible and barriers:

ÖH Angewandte (hufak) opens its office from the window to the courtyard with a free multicultural banquet.

How do we reconcile or understand the dichotomies between openings and closings,
private and public space and find appropriate political spheres for both the politically disenfranchised and the politically abled?
What are the spaces for the expression of political agency for the disenfranchised?
What are the differences between a coalition and a safe space?
What are the limits of political action and the political spheres currently offered?
A critical reflection on political openings through a multicultural banquet offered to visitors for free.

25, 27 June 11:00-17:00 Multicultural Banquet
26 June 11:00-15:00 Wie geht es dir in Wien? – B R U N C H
28 June 10:00-17:00 The Calling Card Project

Under the framework of Angewandte Festival 2019 – Öffnungen/Openings


Wie geht es dir in Wien? – B R U N C H  (Hufak Programm)

A brunch for the International Students of Angewandte

26 June, 10:30 – 14:00 pm

Meeting point: Hufak


By eating together and sharing a brunch in a relax environment
we are inviting international students to visit the ÖH Angewandte (hufak) and tell us about how their Vienna and angewandte experience is going so far.

Is about time to get to know each other and try to create a community,
exchange experiences and advice as foreign students, especially if you are coming from a Non-EU country.
It is important to open up the discussion on how can we help each other; maybe with Visas applications,
language barrier, discrimination, working permits, relocation difficulties and the list could go on….

Join us for a space for conversation!

(Rewriting) The Calling Card Project (Hufak Programm)

Workshop for Black students and students of Color

28 June, 10:00 – 17:00

Meeting point: Hufak

On the basis of different methods of anti-racist practice,
the workshop “The Calling Card Project” will discuss and develop strategies to dismantle and fight racism in academic and everyday contexts.
The workshop is not only to learn empowerment strategies but also to exchange personal experiences. Inspired by Adrian Piper and her Calling Cards,
participants will develop feminist and anti-racist strategies to deal with racist situations. Workshop by Rafaela Siegenthaler and Sunanda Mesquita.

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