hufak e-zine

The COVID-19 pandemic has left art students with stretched resources, without access to workshops and studios, and with cancelled exhibitions and virtual degree shows. The arts and culture have found new ways through hyper digitalisation to mediate art to a non physical audience. With the new rules of conduct and restricted freedom of mobility, students have been forced to move inward, and to confront their inner thoughts and imagination in a new way. Despite all the negative effects, the pandemic allowed for much needed time to reflect critically on the capitalist economic structures and the exploitation of natural resources, which led to the outbreak of the virus and the global devastation that followed.

The Hufak E-Zine is a platform for students of die Angewandte to reflect about what is normal? what is the new normal?, and how can we adapt, to provide a more respectful, climate conscious, and sustainable form of living for future generations to follow.

We would like to thank all contributing artists for the Hufak E-Zine during these difficult and unusual times.

The Hufak E- Zine is available in a print version and can be downloaded directly from

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