Newsletter – 2021-02-15


  • OPEN CALL – education and politics (BiPol)
  • FFP2 masks – ready to pick up!
  • BOOK CLUB – fuerunsvonuns*
  • OPEN CALL – Ars Docendi – state prize for excellent teaching
  • WE FORWARD – Spark Art Fair Internship / Radio Helsinki

OPEN CALL -referent and assistance for the department education and politics (BiPol) and social policy

The Austrian Student Union (ÖH) at the Universität für Angewandte Kunst (hufak) represents the interests of all students of Angewandte and represents you in committees, offers advice and organises events. Therefore, we are looking for new assistants in the departments education and politics (BiPol) and social policy!

The ÖH Angewandte (hufak) currently consists of about 15 persons. We work as a team as well as independently in the respective referats. In addition, the ÖH is represented in all committees of the university. Working at the ÖH gives you a good insight into university structures and allows you to get actively involved in politics. Bring in your visions, for a solidary university life and for better study conditions for all!

Working hours 

The team meets weekly for about 2h. In addition there are ÖH-projects (e.g. get-togethers,workshops, winter market) and committee work, as well as the time you invest in your specific topic area. Cooperation between the departments is expressly encouraged.

Function fee 

The activity in the ÖH is honorary, i.e. you do not get an hourly wage, however there is a function fee (more details see At the moment every referent gets 200€ and every assistance gets 100€ a month, also 10x a year (except July and August).


Please apply exclusively by mail vorsitzteam[at] with curriculum vitae (kept informally) and a short letter of motivation (approx. ½ page).

This information is important: 

  • Field of study, University
  • Which referat(s) are you interested in
  • How long are you expecting to stay at the university
  • Ideas/ Future plans/ First concepts for the department

The application deadline is 25.10.2020, the interviews (in German or English) will take place in the last week of October.


Please apply exclusively by mail with curriculum vitae (kept informally) and a short letter of motivation (approx. ½ page).

Deadline is 01.03.2021.

Tasks of the departments and what you should bring with you:

department for Education and Politics

The core task of the education and politics department (BiPol) is to observe, analyse and actively participate within the Austrian education policy. The department is the connecting link between all the different student representatives and gives advice on issues regarding study laws.

You should bring this with you:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of education and politics
  • At best already familiar with the Higher Education Act (HSG) and the University Act (UG), or willingness to familiarize yourself with them quickly
  • The education policy committees of the university are held in German, therefore a very good knowledge of German is necessary.

department for social policy

The main tasks of the Department of Social Policy are to deal with the social and financial aspects of everyday study life and to advise students on social and financial matters.

You should bring this with you:

  • Empathy for people in difficult situations
  • Good overview of support structures (ÖH, Uni, Wien, AT), or willingness to read in quickly
  • good German skills are an advantage, as most legal forms and the law are in German.

FFP2 masks

FFP2 masks are ordered and are ready to pick up for free at the HUFAK office in March on Tuesdays/Fridays from 11am-12pm.

One mask per student.

Social funds

We are happy to let you know that we could stock up our social fund at bundes ÖH.

Here the link to apply:


Dear all,

We are very glad to announce the new session for the German courses 2021!

The application process of the German courses for the Summer Semester will be open from Monday 22nd of February 2021. There are 46 spots fully covered for regular students from Angewandte.

Placement Tests:

Students are advised to make an online placement test in advance.

You can take the placement test at the website of the Innes Institute:


On the day of the registration please send an email to with your full name, study program, and Studienblatt and your course and level of preference.

*The places are limited and will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis, the first 46 emails with a complete application (including required info/documents mentioned above)will get the spots* 

The registration will be open on Monday 22nd of February starting from 08:00 am. (Please note we won’t accept applications that are received before the designated time of registration).

*Please remember that incomplete applications could affect your number (position in line) at the time of the registration.


If you manage to get a spot, you will receive a confirmation from us with the following steps.

(After receiving a rejection mail, you can ask to be put on the waiting list, so in case of a cancelation we can inform you.)

Course Types:

Morning Intensive Courses / 4 weeks:

Select from the courses from 01.03.2021 to 25.03.2021 / 06.04.2021 to 29.04.2021 / 03.05.2021 to 27.05.2021) (Only one option is covered).

Evening courses /8 weeks:

(from 01.03.2021 to 26.04.2021)(April to May is not possible in this format) (Starting days depend on each level, please check the website).

The German courses for this upcoming semester depending on the starting month of your class could vary from offline and online mode. The format will depend entirely on the Innes Institute and the national measurements regarding covid-19.

To Consider:

  • The German Courses have a very high demand and we advise you to book your place as soon as the registration is open!
    In case you don’t manage to get one of the free spots you can still get a 10% discount with code – HUFAK10 for all of the courses offered by the INNES Institute
  • If you don’t plan to attend at least 50% of your course sessions there is a chance that you might not be considered for another semester course. Please be mindful that this will be a spot fully covered for you; if you know you will not have the possibility to make use of it, give the chance to the next student in line.  : )
  • Please consider that during the course level you will be asked to present tests and homework.
  • You will need to cover the cost for the coursebook: approx. 26 EUR, to be paid in cash on the first day of the course. 

General Information About The German Institute

Name: Innes Institute Vienna: (

Location: Favoritenstr. 4-6/1 A-1040 Vienna. Very near to Karlsplatz. Reachable with underground lines U1, U2, U4, trams 1, 62, WLB, D, and bus 4A.

  • If you need any further information, don’t hesitate to write us at
  • For Alumni From Angewandte and Employees from Angewandte

For this semester also Alumni and employees of the Angewandte can use the 10% discount on the course’s regular price. If you are interested, write to us!

Book Club fuerunsvonuns

We are glad to continue with our Book Club fuerunsvonuns*

BIPOC only except for mentioned occasions (Black Indigenous and People of Color)

This book club is meant to be a space for reflection, a space to get together, to critique and to find strength in the words and sharings of others.

Next sessions:

  • March 3rd, 2021 – 18:00
  • April 7th, 2021 – 18:00
  • May 5th, 2021 – 18:00
  • May 26th, 2021 – 18:00
  • June 9th, 2021 – 18:00

We are able to lend some of the discussed books, contact us at:

OPEN CALL – Ars Docendi – state prize for excellent teaching

Within the framework of the State Prize awarded by the BMBWF, we call for nominations of professors who are involved in or have led recently completed projects in relation to excellent teaching in the following categories:

  1. Learning outcome’-oriented examination culture and its anchoring within the study course
  2. Digital transformation in teaching
  3. Cooperative ways of learning and work 
  4. Research-related or art-oriented teaching
  5. Quality improvement of teaching and study-ability

Please send us (in PDF format):

  • Name of the professor
  • Category/ies (you can select more than 1)
  • Description of the project (approx. 600 characters) from a student perspective

per Email until: 22.02.2020



SPARK Art fair internship:

SPARK Art Fair Vienna is a new Austrian art fair of international dimension. Between May 6 and 9, 2021, renowned and young Austrian galleries as well as a high-quality selection of international galleries will show around 85 selected solo presentations in Vienna’s MARX HALLE.

SPARK Art Fair Vienna is looking for interns from now until mid-May (approx. 3 months) to provide general support to the team in administrative and organizational matters in the run-up to as well as during the implementation of the art fair.

Tasks include:

  • Independent research activities
  • Writing of smaller program texts
  • Support in the management of the social media channels
  • Assisting with admissions, support and other agendas of the art fair

We offer:

  • A diverse work environment in a dynamic and friendly team
  • The opportunity to gain practical experience in a cultural enterprise
  • Exciting insights behind the scenes of an international art fair 

You offer: 

  • An interest in contemporary art and the art business in general
  • Independent and conscientious way of working as well as organizational skills, reliability and sense of responsibility
  • Very good knowledge of German and English, other foreign languages welcome 
  • Advanced Office skills (Word, Excel) – Familiarity with digital media and the implementation of digital content
  • Friendly demeanor and professionalism in interpersonal interactions
  • Flexibility in terms of time 

The workload is approximately 10 hrs / week in the home office and by arrangement on site with a monthly payment of EUR 475,86.

We are looking forward to receiving your application with CV and motivation letter to



queer feminist radio, also available for re-listening at:

Sendungen — Radio Helsinki – Freies Radio Graz