OPEN CALL – referent and assistance for the department education and politics (BiPol) and social policy

The Austrian Student Union (ÖH) at the Universität für Angewandte Kunst (hufak) represents the interests of all students of Angewandte and represents you in committees, offers advice and organises events. Therefore, we are looking for new assistants in the departments education and politics (BiPol) and social policy!
The ÖH Angewandte (hufak) currently consists of about 15 persons. We work as a team as well as independently in the respective referats. In addition, the ÖH is represented in all committees of the university. Working at the ÖH gives you a good insight into university structures and allows you to get actively involved in politics. Bring in your visions, for a solidary university life and for better study conditions for all!

Working hours
The team meets weekly for about 2h. In addition there are ÖH-projects (e.g. get-togethers,workshops, winter market) and committee work, as well as the time you invest in your specific topic area. Cooperation between the departments is expressly encouraged.

Function fee
The activity in the ÖH is honorary, i.e. you do not get an hourly wage, however there is a function fee (more details see At the moment every referent gets 200€ and every assistance gets 100€ a month, also 10x a year (except July and August).

Please apply exclusively by mail vorsitzteam[at] with curriculum vitae (kept informally) and a short letter of motivation (approx. ½ page).
This information is important:
– Field of study, University
– Which referat(s) are you interested in
– How long are you expecting to stay at the university
– Ideas/ Future plans/ First concepts for the department

Please apply exclusively by mail with curriculum vitae (kept informally) and a short letter of motivation (approx. ½ page).
Deadline is 01.03.2021.
Tasks of the departments and what you should bring with you:

department for Education and Politics
The core task of the education and politics department (BiPol) is to observe, analyse and actively participate within the Austrian education policy. The department is the connecting link between all the different student representatives and gives advice on issues regarding study laws.
You should bring this with you:
– Comprehensive knowledge of education and politics
– At best already familiar with the Higher Education Act (HSG) and the University Act (UG), or willingness to familiarize yourself with them quickly
– The education policy committees of the university are held in German, therefore a very good knowledge of German is necessary.

department for social policy
The main tasks of the Department of Social Policy are to deal with the social and financial aspects of everyday study life and to advise students on social and financial matters.
You should bring this with you:
– Empathy for people in difficult situations
– Good overview of support structures (ÖH, Uni, Wien, AT), or willingness to read in quickly
– good German skills are an advantage, as most legal forms and the law are in German.