Students’ union STRUCTURE


The ÖH Bundesvertretung is the highest level of representation for students in Austria.
Meetings of the „Bundesvertretung“:
The 55 mandates of BV are directly elected every two years in the course of the ÖH elections. They form the legislative body within the ÖH structure and meet twice a semester to make decisions for the work of the ÖH. Only lists or fractions are allowed to vote for the federal representation.


ÖH Angewandte Hufak

All matters of representation at the individual universities are handled by the local university representatives of the universities.

The highest body of the university representation is the university representation meeting, which must meet twice per semester, analogous to the meeting of the Bundesvertretung. Depending on the election results, the candidate lists/groups send their mandates inside the University Representation, whereby 9 and 27 mandates are to be assigned.

If none of the candidate factions has won an absolute majority of seats, two or more factions must join together to form a coalition, which then forms the executive at the university. (hufak is in no coalition because there is only one list that ran for office, it is called „ZKF“)

As at the federal level, there are also various thematic committees at the university level, to which the list/faction is delegated depending on the election results.

The work of the ÖH at the respective university is carried out by the executive and takes place primarily in departments and working areas, whereby here too the speaker must first be elected at a meeting of the university representatives.


The representative work in the fields of study is the responsibility of the study representatives. These form the smallest unit within the student representation structure in Austria.
Depending on the number of students, the student representatives consist of 3-5 persons, who are elected in the course of the ÖH election in a personal election. They take care of the interests of the students of their study program (f.e..: Stv architecture, StV Art&Science etc.) and are actively involved in curricular commissions for improvements in the daily study routine.