Referat für intersektionale QueerFeministische Inhalte

Opening times: by appointment

Patriarchal and discriminatory structures are deeply anchored within educational institutions.

The department for feminist politics supports students affected by discrimination, tries to make their voices being heard and brings their experiences into various committees.

Looking at the institution as a whole and pointing out its internalized patterns of oppression is a big part of their anti-discriminatory work.

Thinking critically about the educational work of the university and filling vacancies with workshops, lectures, reading circles etc. is one of the tasks of the department.

The department supports feminist initiatives and collectives, provides information on queer, feminist contact points, groups, spaces, collectives and initiatives. Students can contact the department if there are requests or suggestions as to what should be organized or supported. Students can also turn to the department if they criticize courses or university structures.

The department works closely with the department for antiracist interventions.