ÖH – Election 2023 | Deadlines and documents

For more information regarding the ÖH election visit also the website of the federal ÖH (in German)


  • March 21, 2023:
    Deadline for eligibility to vote and stand for election (payment of ÖH fee for SoSe 2023).
  • March 21 – April 04, 2023:
    Deadline for submission of election proposals (incl. declarations of consent and required declarations of support) for university representation
  • March 21 – April 13, 2023
    Submission deadline for announcement of candidacy for university representation
  • March 30 – April 04, 2023
    Deadline for inspecting the electoral roll and submitting written objections to the electoral roll.
  • March 22 – May 02, 2023
    Deadline for applying for an electoral card
  • 11 – 18 May 2023
    Deadline for the announcement of the results

General informations




Election proposals for university representation:

Attachment 3: Election proposal
Declarations of consent by signature of all candidates either on this form or individually via attachment 3a

Attachment 3a: declaration of consent to the candidacy for the election proposal
Declaration of consent from all candidates either via this form or directly on attachment 3

Attachment 5: declaration of support for the election proposal
List signed by all supporters of the respective electoral group for the university representation

Attachment 5a: declaration of support for the election proposal (art 27 Abs. 8 HSWO 2014)
Declaration of support for existing list by ZBV and mandatary of the list (according to § 27 Abs 8 HSWO)

Attachment 5a: declaration of support for the election proposal (individual)
Individual form for supporters of the respective electoral group for the university representation



Attachment 6: Form for candidacy as a student representative. Generally, one form is intended per person.

Requirements for submitting a candidacy:

Passive right to vote according to §47 (2) HSG:
Students who are admitted to the respective studies and have registered to continue their studies for the semester in which the election is held (deadline for eligibility to vote is: March 21, 2023, by which time the tuition fee or ÖH fee must have been received by the University).

Deadline runs from March 21 to April 13, 2023 (Attention: Date of receipt by the election commission counts!).

In addition, a confirmation of study or a student record sheet for the semester (= confirmation according to §47 HSG 2014) in which the election is held is required.

The signed form and the enclosure must be sent to the election commission by letter or by e-mail with a cell phone signature (= a document signed with a qualified electronic signature according to Art. 3 Z 12 eIDAS-VO1 ).

1 Art. 3 Z 12 of Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market and repealing Directive 1999/93/EC (hereinafter: eIDAS-VO), OJ No. L 257, 28.08.2014 p. 73, as amended by corrigendum OJ No. L 257, 29.01.2015 p.19.