elections 2021

Here is the first information regarding the upcoming ÖH elections, there will be more info coming.

The ÖH-elections take place every two years and are democratic elections in which students can vote their representation on three levels: the federal representation (ÖH), the university representation (UV) and the study representation (StV).

Below we give a first overview, who can candidate and how you will be able to vote.

Who is eligible to vote?
Every student that has enrolled until 30.03.2021, whether you are allowed to vote does not depend on your citizenship.

Study representation (StV)

What are the responsibilities of StV?

Depending on the number of students, the student representatives (Short: StV) consist of three or five elected members, assigned to their degree programmes  (f.e..: StV Architecture, StV Art.& Science etc.). They are elected in the course of the ÖH election in a personal election and form the smallest unit within the student representation structure in Austria.

The student representatives are the first point of contact if you have study-related problems. They can also help you with social questions or refer you to the appropriate authorities.

The tasks of your student representatives include

  • Representing students in their assigned degree programmes
  • Organising student counselling and tutorials
  • Holding office hours
  • Co-deciding on the curriculum and course offerings
  • Nominating students for the curricula commissions, habilitations commissions, appointments committees, etc.

and much more…

What are the benefits of StV:

For each semester as a student representative, you get one semester, where you don’t have to pay students fees (up to four semesters) and ECTS. You get an insight into Angewandte structure, get to work in committees, can organize events and actively shape the studying conditions for students.

How do I apply as StV?

Please fill out the formular (https://hufak.net/en/oh-wahl/oeh-wahl-informationen/ Anlage 6 – Kandidatur StV (englisch) ) and either

  • send it via post to:
    Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien
    Hintere Zollamtsstrasse 17
    1030 Wien
  • hand it in personally, please make an appointment beforehand via mail: wahlkommission@uni-ak.ac.at or via phone: 01 71133 2052 (Contact Ms. Zekija Ahmetovic)
  • sign it with official digital signature and send it to wahlkommission@uni-ak.ac.at

The deadline to hand in your candidature is April 22nd 2021.

There is no limit for candidates but those three with the most votes are officially StV. The election for students representative is an election of individuals, not an election of a list.

University represenation UV [hufak]

What are the responsibilities of UV?

All matters of representation at the individual universities are handled by the local university representatives of the universities. The university representation represents the concerns of the students towards Angewandte and the ministries.

The highest body of the university representation is the university representation meeting of all public universities in Austria, which must meet twice per semester, analogous to the meeting of the Bundesvertretung. 

Depending on the election results, the candidate lists/groups send their mandates inside the University Representation, whereby 9 mandates are to be assigned.

If none of the candidate factions has won an absolute majority of seats, two or more factions must join together to form a coalition, which then forms the executive at the university. 

As at the federal level, there are also various thematic committees at the university level, to which the list/faction is delegated depending on the election results.

As UV you are responsible to administer the budget, are the first contact for StV, participate in every committee and assign students into the StuKo, habil commission, etc.

Currently hufak is structured into 10 departments and the chairperson team that work on various topics, have jour fixe with the rectorate and vicerectorates, participate in the Senate and try to stand up for students rights and help students with obstacles and/or questions.

How can I candidate?

I wanna make my own list to candidate for university representative (UV)

Here, students can only vote for a list and not for individuals. There are different groups and lists that run for election, and depending on the election results they send mandataries to the university representation and committees (senate, senate study commission,…). Depending on the election results, the university representation is filled by representatives of the respective list and is the highest body in which students have a right to participate in the university.

The election for university representative is an election of list, if there are more than one list there will be an executive and opposition. If you want to candidate as a list please fill out following forms: “Anlage 3 – Wahlvorschlag HV (englisch)” (https://hufak.net/en/oh-wahl/oeh-wahl-informationen/ ) and collect 30 signatures from students enrolled at Angewandte (at the form “Anlage 5 – Unterstützungserklärung Liste HV (englisch)” ), we recommend to collect more signatures to be on the safe side!

Please send the forms either

  • via post to:
    Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien
    Hintere Zollamtsstrasse 17
    1030 Wien
  • hand it in personally, please make an appointment beforehand via mail: wahlkommission@uni-ak.ac.at or via phone: 01 71133 2052 (Contact Ms. Zekija Ahmetovic)
  • sign it with official digital signature and send to wahlkommission@uni-ak.ac.at

The deadline for the candidature of lists is April 13th 2021.

Federal Representation BV At the federal level different lists are candidating , as we are legally not allowed to make advertisements we ask you to research online which lists are candidating and look at their programm. 

Postal Billot

This election, students can vote via postal ballot, that can be requested online and can be sent abroad. More info will be published on our homepage soon.

Attention via postal ballot you can only vote UV and BV, but not the StV.

The ballot has to be returned by 19.05,18.00 (MESZ) to the Wahlkommission.

Where and when?

Where and when can I vote:

This information will be sent out as soon as it has been announced. But stay tuned we will have goodies for people who vote <3 

All the forms and the legal text can be found at  https://hufak.net/oh-wahl/ if you have any questions please contact us under bipol@hufak.net

Anlage 3 – Wahlvorschlag HV (englisch)
Anlage 3a Zustimmungerklärung Wahlvorschlag HV (englisch)
Anlage 4 – Unterstützungserklärung Liste BV (englisch)
Anlage 4a Unterstützungerklärung Einzelperson BV (englisch)
Anlage 5 – Unterstützungserklärung Liste HV (englisch)
Anlage 5a Unterstützungserklärung Einzelperson HV (englisch)
Anlage 5b Alternative zu Unterstützungserklärungen HV (englisch)
Anlage 6 – Kandidatur StV (englisch)