queer department


Power structures such as (hetero-)sexism, trans- and inter*hostility permeate society and are also reflected in everyday university life. Thus, it is the task of the queer department to break heteronormative logics at the university and to claim queer perspectives in the ÖH and the Angewandte.

LGBTIQA+ and people who do not fit into the binary gender and/ or heteronorm have diverse interests and opinions. It is therefore important for the department’s tasks to think of discrimination as intersectional in order to live up to a reality of life in which all people feel that they belong to different social positions or are assigned to by the society in which they live (education, origin, racialisation, religion, gender, sexual desire, disability, appearance, etc.).

The department sees itself as a contact point for students who experience hetero- and/ or cis-sexist discrimination or who have encountered heteronormative university structures. Hereby the speaker can offer advice, mediate or simply be a conversation partner. In addition, students can be accompanied to the „Arbeitskreis für Gleichbehandlungsfragen“ (Working Group on Equal Treatment Issues). The department can also represent students‘ concerns if they themselves want to remain anonymous.

In addition to university policy, the department does networking work and offers queer workshops. It is open to criticism, ideas or suggestions for cooperation.