Stretching with Sergi


Sergio Patricio March – April 

Kick Off – March 16th

1. Tuesday 16. 03. 2021 .  17.00h

2. Thursday 18. 03.2021 17.00h

3. Wednesday 24. 03. 2021 10.00h 

4. Tuesday 30. 03. 2021 17.00h

5. Thursday 01. 04. 2021 17.00h

6. Wednesday 07.04. 2021 10.00h 

7. Wednesday 07.04. 2021 10.00h (Youtube live)

8. Friday 09.04.2021 10.00h (Youtube Live)

9. Tuesday 13.04. 2021 17.00h (Youtube Live)

10. (cancelled) Thursday 15.04. 2021 17.00h

10. Wednesday 21.04.2021 17.00h (Youtube Live)

11. Friday 23.04.2021 17.00h (Youtube Live)

12. Tuesday 27.04.2021 17.00h (Youtube Live)

13. Thursday 29.04.2021 17.00h (Youtube Live)

Youtube Live:

My type of stretching is giving people the ability to build internal muscular endurance, have a better connection to the psoas muscle, and stretch at different levels, no matter how flexible or powerful they are. It also includes variations at different levels of flexibility and aerobic capacities. Stretching is fun, with music, and is mostly done on the floor with a yoga or stretching mat. The idea of “Stretching with Sergi” has many variations of yoga asanas mixed with sports workouts, dance flexibility exercises, and martial arts warm-ups. It is a convenient “combo” for when you are isolated in a room due to quarantine or when you also want to practice outdoors.

The concept offers participants a powerful tool where they can learn about their body. It differs from a gym by giving the body the strength of yoga. It is more active and less complex, more fun but strong and it becomes more complicated for the professional levels. The practice begins with connecting the upper body and awakening the spine, shoulders, and arms. Already in the middle it is more muscular like; abs, legs and buttocks. Before the last part, all the muscles are exerted to the maximum and strong twists are performed. The final stretch has more to do with control and internal muscle connection.

The idea behind stretching is to give participants the opportunity to perform body, train and stretch at the same time in a planned environment to feel fluid and achieve some goals for their own body in terms of energy and flexibility. It is also a very good stretch for people who want to perform actions or performance, as well as an activator of body practices.

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