Anti-Racist Department

The department of anti-racism, fondly referred to as ANTIRA, is commissioned to assist all students when and where necessary in the discourse surrounding any form of racism at the Angewandte and it’s environs.
The ANTIRA department acknowledges the fact that there are hundreds and thousands of students from different backgrounds, religions, Cultures, as well as race. Hence, we herein encourage a conducive environment full of tolerance, understanding, and above all acceptance.
The department frowns at any form of discrimination at the entire university and also seeks to combat racism within the university structures.
Furthermore, the aims and objectives of ANTIRA are:
1. To offer students with tools, strategies and resources to take practical action against racism within the confines of the university.
2. To provide support and foster a safe and empowering environment to students affected by racism.
3. We seek to empower students as well as student bodies to prevent and respond effectively to racism and make report as the case may be.
NB. ) Students are highly encouraged to report incidents by emailing and we will quickly respond and provide the best possible support.

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Head of the Department: Nassirou Holik |