Department for Working Class Students

The department for working class students should be a safe space for discussion, support and networking for working class students at the university. In this mostly elitist university, one of the purposes of this department is to spread and raise awareness around the issue of “working class culture” and “class” as such. We try to spread as much as possible in this sense, seeking to reach in some way also future art students and new entrants, as it is an issue that transcends age and nationality, and our needs must be taken into account and treated with empathy. For it is a factor in the development of our studies. Likewise, we try to provide complicity, trust and a reflection where we can possibly look at ourselves, by organizing representation talks in which we have the opportunity to listen to successful people in the field of art who come from a background similar to ours. As a department within an art institution, we also organize and support initiatives such as exchange platforms: for the spoken as for art supplies and tips, actions and exhibitions related to the cause or inter-sectional to it. Students can always contact us with their doubts, requests and/or suggestions.

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Head of the Department: Gelavizh Abolhassani⁩ |