Renting Equipment

Hufak can provide the following equipment for events and activities of students. Please contact at least 5 days prior to your events in order to ensure duly processing. Equipment will be issued and received exclusively during office hours at the hufak office OKP:


Monday: 12:00-13:00

Thursdays: 12:30-13:30




  1. Technics SL – 1210 MKII Turntables + Transportcase
  2. Behringer DDM4000 DJ Mixer
  3. Transportcase 
  4. Aktiv-Lautsprecherboxen (intermittently not available, contact for further info)
  5. Subwoofer 
  6. MB-85BETA dynamic microphone
  7. Kabel XLR (1x 10m, 2x 5m, 4x 1.5m) 
  8. Lautsprecherkabel LS Speakon (3x grau, 1x blau) 
  9. Speakon Subwoofer Stromkabel 
  10. Kabel Klinke 6.3mm auf XLR-Male 
  11. Boxenständer 
  12. XLR Kabeltrommel 
  13. Kabel Klinke 6.3mm auf XLR-Female 
  14. XLR-Kabel (1.5m) 
  15. Klinkenkabel 6.3mm (1x 1.5m, 1x 3m) 
  16. ADJ VFI300 1300W fog machine
  17. Eurolite SMD 48 LED mini strobe cluster
  18. 6X RGB LED light strips with batteries


  1. LG Electronics PF1500G Full HD Beamer
  2. 8 Laptops DELL Latitude 5410 14″, i5-1030U  


  1. electric barbecue grill
  2. chest-type freezer 
  • pop-up kitchen (intermittently not available, contact for further info)

Different mobile kitchen modules

Current location: 2 kitchen modules at OKP 2 kitchen modules at VZA7