Team Hufak

Have you ever wondered what HUFAK (Hochschüler innenschaft der University of Applied Arts) is and does?

The [Hufak] is the Austrian Student Union (ÖH) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, which represents the interests of students at the University of Applied Arts in committees, offers consultations and organizes events/workshops activities, etc..

We, the Hochschüler_innenschaft für angewandte Kunst [Hufak] , are currently a group of 15 people who work both as a team and independently in our respective units. We are a reflective and collegial team that enjoys helping each other and working closely together. During lecture time, our 2 hour team meetings are held weekly. In these meetings, the units update each other on tasks and concerns, then as needed concerns are discussed and finally decisions are voted on. Depending on the unit, one* at Hufak is responsible for projects within a unit, co-organizes other ÖH projects (e.g. regulars’ tables, workshops, winter market) and/or participates in committee work in order to represent the voice of the students there.

We are error-friendly because we all make mistakes and have been socialized in this society in one way or another. We try to point out our mistakes and unlearn them. We all actively communicate in a group signal chat, are online on Discord at set office hours, and have our own mail system where we receive and send official mail.

Our office/common-area is located in the main building of the Angewandte (OKP, groundfloor), where we work and sometimes drink coffee, tea or beer together. So feel free to come around!