Special Project Grant

Submission Dates: 2021/22: 15.09.2021, 25.10.2021, 15.12.2021, 15.03.2022, 15.05.2022

Maximum funding: 1100€

Application form

Who can apply for the special project grant?

  • Everyone who is a member of ÖH can apply. For group projects one applicant has to be appointed
  • Each project (incl. follow up projects) can only be funded once
  • Only non-partisan people or organisations can be funded

 Which projects can be funded?

Completed projects or projects that have already begun cannot be funded. Projects need to be in the process of planning.

The topic of the project needs to be relevant for the majority of the students of the university for applied arts

Preference will be given to projects that include at least one of the following aspects: anti-racism, feminism, queer studies, anti-discrimination, accessibility, participation, sustainability, networking with institutions, associations and collectives outside the Angewandte

 Which projects cannot be funded?

  • Class projects
  • Theses (Bachelor, PhD, Diploma, Master)
  • Projects that are mostly profit-oriented

Relevance for the students and the quality of the project will be evaluated by the committee of the special project grant. This committee will decide which project will be or will not be funded, as well as the amount of funding. Confirmation of funding can be conditional.

Which expenses can be covered?

The maximum amount of funding is 1100€.

Following costs can be funded:

  • Printing and material costs
  • Equipment rental (if the university cannot provide them)
  • Expenses for provisions (no restaurant receipts)
  • Facility management of the university (i.e additional cleaning or an additional porter)
  • Transportation costs
  • Room rental  (if the university cannot provide appropriate spaces)
  • Fees for people outside of the university


The application form is available online and needs to be filled out completely. If necessary, additional documents can be attached to the submission, main criteroin is the submission form of hufak.

Submissions are open 4 times a year. You can find the dates at the beginning of the guidlines, or at our homepage (

You can bring the filled out application to the hufak office or send it via mail to


The payment of the approved amount is subject to the following conditions:

  • Compliance with the special project guidelines and any conditions that might have been imposed
  • only cost items listed in the application are covered
  • Submission of the original invoices, signed by the applicant
  • Delivery of the documentation

This means that invoices must first be paid and are then refunded. If documentation and invoices are submitted in time, outstanding amounts (e.g. honorarium notes) can also be paid directly by hufak.


Documentation & naming of the hufak

After completion of the project, documentation that provides information about the course, content and events of the project should be sent to or handed in at the hufak office.


  • at least half a DIN A4 page of text 
  • Insert links to videos, homepages, event invitations
  • insert photos, flyers etc. if available

If desired by the applicant, we would be happy to receive a short text and 1-2 pictures, to make the project visible on our homepage.

At least one place in the project (e.g. on flyers, online event invitations, posters, films, etc.) must have the following notice legibly attached:

„Gefördertes Sonderprojekt der Hochschüler_innenschaft – Universität für angewandte Kunst“

Where the use of logo bars is possible (brochures, leaflets, posters, etc.) the logo of hufak must be used.

If no report is sent after the project is completed or the naming of hufak is not carried out, hufak reserves the right to cancel the grant.