Social Grant

We have a cooperation for the social grants with the Austrian Students Union (ÖH), which offers all students that encounter unforeseen financial emergencies, the opportunity to receive a subsidy in form of a one-off payment once every 12 months. Students with child(ren) will receive preferential treatment.

Emergencies could be caused by: the sudden increase of rent, expenses incurred for your studies, the need to provide for children, a one-off payment for a medical procedure or other, similar emergencies that where caused by some accident. You can find the conditions for the application in the current guidlines ☞ here (pdf)

Support up to 1.500 €. Please note that the processing of the applications can take up to 3 months. The student can only be suitable for application if

  • does not receives the federal student grand (Studienbeihilfe),
  • can prove an appropriate academic success in his /her studies (16 ECTS or 8 semester hours in last two semesters)(1st semester student are exempt),
  • does not exceeded the double of minimum duration of study.

Furthermore, in order to be eligible to funding, the applicant must submit among others:

  1. copy of a personal identification with photo,
  2. confirmation of income of applicant, i.a. of spouse or registered partner,
  3. proof of support from other organisations or persons,
  4. evidence of the receipt of maintenance payments,
  5. if a bank account exists, consecutive bank statements for the last three months from the applicant, i.a. from the spouse or registered partner,
  6. evidence of expenses incurred for housing, basic fees for telephone and radio, household insurance, health insurance and for necessary travel to and from the place of study, commute, etc.
  7. registration form (Meldezettel) including of all family members living in the household,
  8. confirmation of continuation as well as a student record sheet for the current semester (Studienbestätigung, Studienblatt) and a confirmation of academic success,
  9. if necessary, proof of disabilities (disability certificate, medical certificate).

To apply fill out the application form Downloads and attach a copy of all the required documents. Please complete this form carefully as incorrect or incomplete requests must be rejected.
You can turn the form in per e- mail or mail. If you apply per e-mail, please send you document as one PDF. You can find mail and email address on the social funds form.

For further information and assistance please visit the websiteöh-fördertöpfe/oh-social-funds