Special Project Grant

Submission deadlines for the academic year 2023/24:

  • October: 22.10.2023
  • December: 12.12.2023
  • February: 03.03.2024
  • May: 12.05.2024


Maximum funding: 1100€




GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR SPECIAL PROJECTS Who can apply for a special project?

    • All ÖH members can apply
    • There must be one applicant for group projects
    • Each project (incl. follow-up projects) can only be funded once
    • Factional persons (groups) cannot apply for funding.

Which projects can be funded?

    • The project must still be in the planning phase, projects already started or past projects cannot be funded.
    • The topic of the project must be relevant to the majority of the students at the Angewandte.
      • Preference will be given to projects that have at least one of the following aspects: Anti-racism, feminism, queer studies, anti-discrimination, accessibility, participation, sustainability, networking with institutions, associations and collectives outside the Angewandte

  Which projects are not funded?

    • Projects that arise within the framework of courses
    • Theses (diploma, BA, MA, PhD)
    • Projects with a predominantly commercial character

The student relevance and the quality of the project are examined by the Special Projects Committee. The committee decides on the amount of a commitment or on a rejection. A commitment may be tied to conditions. What costs can be covered? The maximum amount of funding is 1100€. The following costs can be covered:

    • Material and printing costs
    • Loan of equipment (if not available at the university)
    • Catering (no restaurant bills)
    • Costs for “facility management” of the university (cleaning fee, additional porter)
    • Transport costs
    • Room rental (if no suitable rooms can be used at the university)
    • Fees from persons outside the university

Submission The form is available online (application form) and must be completed in full. If necessary for the review, further documents can be attached. However, the main criterion for funding is the hufak form. Submission is possible four times a year, current deadlines can be found on the first page of the guidelines or on our homepage. (hufak.net) The application can be handed in at the hufak office during opening hours or sent by e-mail to oeh_office@uni-ak.ac.at. Payment The disbursement of the promised sum is subject to the following conditions:

    • compliance with the special project guidelines and any conditions imposed
    • Only the costs listed in the application will be covered.
    • Submission of original invoices, signed by the applicant.
    • Submission of documentation

This means that invoices must first be submitted by the applicant and will then be refunded. If documentation and invoices are submitted promptly, outstanding amounts (e.g. fees) can also be paid directly by hufak. Documentation & naming of hufak After completion of the project, documentation providing information on the course, content and events of the project must be sent to office@hufak.net or handed in at the hufak office. Guidelines:

    • at least half a DIN A4 page of text
    • include links to videos, homepages, event invitations
    • include photos, flyers etc. if available
    • if requested by the applicant, we would appreciate a short text and 1-2 pictures to make the project visible on our homepage.

In at least one place of the project (e.g. on flyers, online event invitations, posters, films, etc.) the following notice must be legibly attached: “Sponsored special project of the Hochschüler_innenschaft – University of Applied Arts”. Where the use of logos is possible (brochures, flyers, posters, etc.) the logo of hufak must be used. If no report is sent after project completion or if the mention of hufak is not carried out, hufak reserves the right to cancel the funding.